Where did February go???

In a blur is where. Like buses, work and life seem to all go mental at once. Not that buses go mental, much anyway…

So since the last post I’m now working every day at The Bodyguard. I’m joining up with some familiar faces there and am very happy to be doing it, everyone is easy going and it’s a lovely place to go to work to. Coming up is The Winters Tale, a new piece at the Royal Ballet where I’ll be playing on stage perched in a tree accompanying some incredible dancers- costumes and memorising music, not an everyday gig for sure. In amongst all this I’m gradually getting used to finding time to do some reading and writing for an MA at London College of Music, the course ultimately responsible for me getting this site and blog together in an attempt to stop being backward about coming forward- not something that comes easy to most musos.

The MA has been a real challenge so far, stretching but very welcome. It will influence career decisions going forward, and that’s changing as I get more confident with the material and modules I’m studying. One of the ideas coming to the fore is to try not to think- just write, and let the writing guide the thinking rather than the other way round. It’s not something I’ll do here all the time, but it’s a good discipline to put something online and say you own it, and to not mind a few mistakes along the way. THAT’s definitely a new thing. Owning what you play, not minding a few errors, not being worried to take risks- every musician wants to do that.

Also in february was a lovely gig at The Bedford with Ramshackle Crow, and a chance to play my 5 octave Mbira. It was just beautiful to have it filling that room on A Thousand Years, looking forward to playing it again at as soon as possible. Although who knows when that’ll be- Steve’s only gone and blagged his way into Brian Ferry‘s band, brilliant and richly deserved. Hope he doesn’t forget us now he’s a megastar.