2014. Bosh.

2014- the year of don’t get mad, get even…or so a friend said to me recently. So in the spirit of being more proactive, positive and full of mad hope and abandon here’s my new website to have a look over. I’ll be putting up more things to listen to, and keep a record of what’s been going on as well as forthcoming gigs or projects here. Ranting will be kept to a minimum…probably.

The year has already started at full throttle, with various things all competing for attention- not least a 7 and a half month old bundle of joy keeping us awake and on our toes and various work challenges to rise to. This week I started working on this which has been great; a great challenge to learn a new show again and an intriguing subject to write a show about. It works far better than I thought it would, and doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to transfer some of the events surrounding that particular scandal to our own time.

Next week brings another gig with Ramshackle Crow, music I really like playing and two people I love playing with. Steve Jones, one half of Ramshackle Crow’s creative genius, is the man I have to thank for building this site and making it look as good as it does. He’s a highly skilled guitar player, composer, website designer, polymath and connoisseur of many arts and sciences- a modern day Renaissance man if ever there was one, as I’m sure he’ll thank me for saying.